Actual Picture
Diamond Highlights
Cut :  Very Good
This diamond has first-rate proportions and offers outstanding sparkle and brilliance at a cost-effective price.
Clarity :  VS1
Very Slightly Included. VS1 diamonds have inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye, and only just visible using 10x magnification. These diamonds offer exceptional value for money.
Color :  L
L grade diamonds have a faintly tinted yellow color. They are a good alternative for those not looking for a colorless diamond, and who are seeking excellent value for money.
Product Details
Item Number 37825
Stone Type Diamond
Shape Round
Measurements 5.21 x 5.26 x 3.28mm
Weight 0.54ct
Color Grade L
Clarity Grade VS1
Cut Grade Very Good
Depth 62.60%
Table 56.00%
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Very Good
Fluorescence Faint
Girdle Medium, Faceted
Report GIA
Price US$872.00
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