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Burmese Ruby
When only the most luscious of red rubies will do for a special jewelry setting, precious stones harvested from Burma prove nearly impossible to top. While the July birthstone is found all over the world, including Africa, Australia and America, rubies from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, tend to be the most visually stunning.

Burmese ruby value can vary based on the quality of the individual stone in question. When ruby prices are considered carefully alongside quality, stones from this particular region tend to live up to their cost. The most precious of these stones are characterized by a robust, rich red color that has just a slight hint of blue to add depth to its beauty. The finest stones in the world are mined in Myanmar, which is why the term “Burmese ruby” and high quality go hand-in-hand.

Fast Facts About Burmese Rubies

Whether it’s your desire to look at ruby engagement rings or other types of ruby jewelry, there are some things that are important to know when making a selection:
  1. Rubies come in a variety of shades – While red and ruby are synonymous, not all of these precious stones have the rich red color offset by blue that have made Burmese rubies so highly sought after. These stones can vary from that deep, dark red to also include such hues as pigeon blood red and pinkish red. The red in the stone, by the way, comes from traces of chromium.
  2. Rubies are highly durable – If the desire is to purchase a stone that will stand up to the rigors of wear, rubies will deliver. They rate a 9 on the Mohs scale, tying closely related sapphires and only coming in as slightly softer than diamonds.
  3. Rubies are flawed – It is nearly impossible to find a ruby without imperfections. In fact, when a stone is located that’s flawless, it will fetch a higher price than a diamond of similar weight and quality.
  4. Rubies are treated to shine even more – It is a standard practice in the jewelry industry to treat rubies to enhance their color and add even more strength to the design.
Rubies have long stood as a symbol of love and passion. These stones are ideal for centerpieces in engagement rings and are traditional gifts for those celebrating their 15th or 40th anniversaries. When it’s time to dazzle, Burmese rubies will not disappoint.