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Diamond jewelry represents a beautiful investment that is designed to last a lifetime or longer. As the hardest natural gemstone found on the planet, the stone itself is assured to stand the test of time. Making sure this jewelry looks spectacular for years to come while retaining its brilliance and dazzle does require a careful touch when it comes to cleaning.

Diamond Jewelry Care

Why a Careful Touch Matters

While a precious diamond can only be cut by another diamond, the softer metal setting selected to support the stone or stones will require special consideration, as well. Whether it’s gold, white gold or platinum, your diamond’s setting will never offer the strength of the stone itself. With that in mind, it’s imperative to be especially cautious when cleaning diamond jewelry at home. A careful touch can protect the setting while ensuring the stone looks brilliant all the time.

Cleaning Tips

Keep these things in mind when cleaning diamond jewelry:
  • Prevent the need to clean by handling sparingly
    Diamonds are strong, but they are not by their nature especially easy to keep clean. They have a propensity to attract oils from the skin that can make them, on the surface, appear less than stellar. While it’s perfectly fine to wear that diamond engagement ring all the time, take care not to physically touch the stone itself unless necessary. Doing so will not harm it, of course, but it can create the need for a diamond to be cleaned more frequently.
  • Use a soft touch when cleaning
    A diamond can handle abrasive cleaning utensils such as a toothbrush or pad, but the setting that supports it cannot. With that in mind, it’s very important to use a soft touch when cleaning diamond jewelry. A simple, lint-free, soft cloth will do the trick.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners
    Strong household chemicals, such as bleach or scouring powder, are likely to damage the setting around a precious diamond. Do not use these chemicals or even toothpaste to clean a diamond.
  • Do use plain water
    Simply soaking diamond jewelry in plain water or water with mild dish soap added in can make a difference. About 15 minutes or so of soaking will help loosen debris stuck on a stone or its setting so they can be carefully wiped off with a soft cloth.
  • Professional cleaning is wise
    Having a ring cleaned by a professional jeweler occasionally can serve two purposes. First, many jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners that are highly effective at removing accumulated grime and oils. The best will also inspect the setting afterward to ensure that mounts and their prongs are still strong and stable.
Buying stunning diamond jewelry online is an excellent way to enjoy a tremendous selection of high-quality gems at outstanding pricing. Taking care of that jewelry once it arrives will call for a careful touch.