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Engagement Rings & Fine Emerald Jewelry

We have selected the finest and most vivid natural loose emeralds
for our collection, so you can choose from the highest quality
range of this rare and spectacular gemstone.
Buy a loose emerald as the starting point to your own unique design
or choose from our magnificent collection of emerald jewelry.
Emerald Rings
Trendy, ageless or simply unusual. Browse our ready-to-wear collection of emerald rings.
Emerald Earrings
Emerald earrings in a range of styles and carat weights.
Emerald Engagement Rings
Look forward to your future together with an emerald engagement ring.
Emerald Necklaces & Pendants
A range of emerald necklaces and pendants in modern and enduring designs.
Loose Emerald Pairs
Find a matching pair of loose emeralds in any shape or size.
Calibrated Emeralds
Search for any number of loose emeralds in identical sizes to use in your jewelry design.
Certified Loose Emeralds
Shop certified emeralds, choose from our inventory of natural loose emeralds with certificates.
Emerald Bracelets
Stylish emerald tennis bracelets in yellow or white gold.
Our Emeralds

Emeralds are famous for their clear and captivating green color. Whether you choose to wear the emerald as a solitaire in your piece of jewelry or alongside another gemstone for contrast, you will create a spectacular and eye-catching jewelry setting. Traditionally regarded as the birthstone for May, the emerald is also said to symbolize nature and new life.

At Israel Diamonds, our collection of loose emeralds includes every cut and color, from yellow-green to blue-green, if you wish to create your own unique customized jewelry design. Alternately, you can view our lustrous range of emerald jewelry pieces, all expertly created by our master craftsmen.

Talk to us today about our emerald collection, so we can help you find your perfect emerald jewelry piece.