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Diamonds are the most highly prized gemstones in the world. Favored for their radiant beauty, fiery presentation and extreme durability, high-quality loose diamonds make an outstanding investment. While most buyers understand diamonds are valuable, many simply do not have the expertise or training required to make certain the purchases they make deliver the quality they are after. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification takes the guesswork out of buying a diamond.

Diamond certificates are documents issued by independent gemological laboratories, such as GIA. Also called grading reports, these certificates are issued after a gemologist inspects an individual diamond to discern its distinct properties. The traits considered in a certificate typically include such characteristics as symmetry, florescence, clarity, polish and color.

Diamond certificates provide buyers with confidence that the stone they are purchasing matches a jeweler’s claims of quality. It is important to note, however, these reports are not the same as appraisals. A certificate serves asa blueprint explaining a stone’s unique qualities. An appraisal may mention these qualities, but it is specifically performed to provide a valuation for a particular diamond based on current market values.

About GIA

GIA was founded in 1931 by Robert M. Shipley with its first laboratory opened in Los Angeles. Today, GIA is considered the world’s largest nonprofit source of gemological knowledge. GIA has 19 locations across 14 different countries; nine locations are laboratories.

While GIA might be best known by consumers as an organization that issues diamond grading certificates, the nonprofit does much more than examine diamonds to discern their particular characteristics. The organization is also considered a leading source of education, knowledge and standards in regard to gems and jewelry.

About GIA Certificates

GIA is not the only gemology laboratory that certifies loose diamonds, but it is one of the most renowned. After all, GIA is credited with creating the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System.

GIA Diamond Grading Reports are completed after a gemologist examines a specific diamond to better understand its unique characteristics. GIA reports include such information as:
  • Shape and cutting style – a description of the stone’s finished appearance, such as a round brilliant
  • Measurements – a description of the diamond’s dimensions
  • Carat weight – the stone’s carat weight size
  • Color grade – a letter grade for the color of the stone using the D-to-Z color range
  • Clarity grade – a grade given based on any flaws or imperfections seen in the stone
  • Cut grade – a rating given to describe the quality of the cut
Additional features of a GIA report include comments in regard to the stone’s polish, symmetry and florescence. In addition, a plotted diagram is provided that shows a stone’s clarity characteristics and proportions.

The GIA Diamond Grading Report is commonly sought out by jewelers and consumers, but it not the only service offered by the organization. GIA also provides customers who desire it a report called a Diamond Dossier. This report includes a certificate, but also provides a microscopic laser inscription of the GIA report number for easier identification of a particular diamond.

GIA Diamond Certificate

Why Buy a GIA Certified Stone?

At Israel-Diamonds.com, we recommend that buyers interested in stones that are 0.50cts or bigger either seek out certified loose diamonds or insist upon certification before buying. Certification simply provides peace of mind that a diamond purchased truly offers the characteristics that are presented by the jeweler. At Israel-Diamonds.com, our larger stones are certified primarily by GIA, but we are also proud to work with HRD Antwerp and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

If you’re ready to buy loose diamonds, we invite you to explore our extensive selection online. You’ll find that all of our larger stones are pre-certified by the world’s most renowned gemological laboratories, including GIA. Our stones that are 0.50cts are less are certified by our own in-house gem experts, whose certifications we proudly stand behind. In addition to offering a stunning array of certified diamonds, our customers can also use our convenient online tools to design their own diamond engagement rings and other pieces of finely crafted jewelry.

As always, the jewelry experts at Israel-Diamonds.com are standing by to help. If you have any questions about diamond characteristics, certification, picking out loose stones or creating a unique setting, just contact us today!