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Ceylon Sapphire Ring
When a diversity of color options in a stone that’s known for its ability to endure is desired, Ceylon sapphires deliver. These precious stones offer a rainbow of color choices while being heralded for their stunning durability and ability to make almost any jewelry setting dazzle.

Ceylon sapphires originate in the country known today as Sri Lanka. This beautiful island is responsible for much of the world’s production of sapphires while also being known to produce high quality topaz and amethysts.

The quality of Ceylon sapphires has long been noted. Explorer Marco Polo wrote that this island, appropriately nicknamed Gem Island, has the best sapphires in the entire world.

It would seem jewelers today still agree with Polo’s assessment. Ceylon sapphire prices tend to remain strong, while this September birthstone’s ability to dazzle makes it a popular choice in a variety of settings. Sapphire engagement rings deliver visual brilliance thanks to the color choices presented by this distinct stone. Aside from the traditional blue most people associate with this stone, yellow sapphire pieces are highly sought after as are those with a pink coloration.

Fast Facts About Ceylon Sapphires

Not sure sapphire is the right stone for your setting? Consider these interesting facts about these precious stones:
  1. They really do come in a rainbow of colors – While the most traditional sapphire colors are blue, pink and yellow, these stones can also be found in green, black, orange and purple, making them highly versatile for just about any setting.
  2. They are very durable – Sapphires are among the strongest gemstones known to man. They rate a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, right along with rubies, and just behind the 10 fetched by diamonds.
  3. They are treated for extra dazzle and durability – Many jewelry industry professionals heat treat their sapphires to enhance their beauty while reinforcing their strength.
  4. They have long been considered precious and worthy of gift giving – Sapphires are the birthstone for September and are associated with the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. They stand as symbols for loyalty and dignity and have long been a favorite of royalty.
When a rainbow of options in a precious gemstone is required, topping the variety and quality offered by Ceylon sapphires just isn’t easy. This stunning stone makes a perfect choice for just about any setting imaginable.