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Jewelry stores once stocked only a limited selection of menís rings. It used to be that the only ring a man wore was a simple gold wedding band. Anything else was off-limits. Thankfully, thatís no longer the case, and today men can choose from a wide range of rings and other jewelry designed especially for their needs.

Designs for Menís Rings

Menís rings are often larger and less intricate than womenís rings, but not always. Generally, designs are simpler and settings are designed for every day wear. You wonít find many prong settings designed for menís rings. Instead, youíll see rings with channel, invisible, pave, bezel and other settings which are suitable for an active lifestyle.

A popular theme for menís rings uses a single center stone surrounded by smaller stones delicately inlaid in pattered rows. Another trendy idea accentuates a smaller center stone by offsetting it to one side, and complementing it with an impressive yet understated gold ring.

Engagement Rings for Men

A fairly recent development is menís engagement rings. Often using a single diamond set in a simple design, engagement rings for men is a fast growing trend. Exchanging engagement rings, rather than just buying one for that special lady, is now the latest fashion.

Men's rings

Menís Wedding Bands

Gone are the days when the only wedding ring a man could choose was a simple gold band. Today, itís possible to choose matching diamond wedding bands for him and her which are stylish and fashionable yet stand the test of time. The wedding band is somewhat thinner for a woman, but the two rings go perfectly together, emphasizing two halves of a whole, and cementing the marriage beautifully.

Diamond Wedding Band for a Man
Diamond Wedding Band for a Woman
Diamond Wedding Band for a Man Diamond Wedding Band for a Woman

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