Natural Loose Sapphires & Sapphire Jewelry

Browse our dazzling range of sapphire jewelry,including handcrafted
sapphire rings, earrings bracelets and pendants. Our spectacular range
of loose sapphires, intricately cut by our master craftsmen,
are available in all colors from blue and pink to yellow and green.
Design your own unique ring with your choice of a magnificent
loose sapphire from our collection.
Sapphire Rings
Traditional, timeless or modern. Choose from our popular ready-to-wear collection.
Sapphire Earrings
Sapphire studs, hoops and drop earrings in fashionable designs.
Sapphire Engagement Rings
Show off your enduring devotion with a stunning sapphire engagement ring.
Sapphire Necklaces & Pendants
Crafted with care - sapphire necklaces and pendants in current and classic styles.
Loose Sapphire Pairs
Find a matching pair of loose sapphires in any shape or size.
Calibrated Sapphires
Find any number of loose sapphires of exactly the same size to use in your jewelry creation.
Sapphire Bracelets
Treat yourself to a chic sapphire bracelet, with or without diamond accents.