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Asscher 0.53 F SI1 VG VG VG   US$800.00 View
Asscher 0.52 H VVS1 VG EX VG GIA US$971.00 View
Asscher 0.60 G SI1 VG VG VG   US$1,000.00 View
Asscher 0.61 H SI1 VG VG VG   US$1,036.00 View
Asscher 0.54 H VVS2 VG VG GIA US$1,147.00 View
Asscher 0.62 G VS1 VG VG VG   US$1,292.00 View
Asscher 0.54 F VVS2 EX VG GIA US$1,302.00 View
Asscher 0.53 D VS1 VG VG GIA US$1,380.00 View
Asscher 0.57 E VVS1 VG VG GIA US$1,403.00 View
Asscher 0.53 D VVS2 VG VG GIA US$1,498.00 View
Asscher 0.62 E IF VG VG GIA US$1,823.00 View
Asscher 0.75 E SI1 VG VG VG   US$1,926.00 View
Asscher 0.64 D VVS1 EX VG GIA US$2,047.00 View
Asscher 1.00 J VVS2 VG VG VG GIA US$2,615.00 View
Asscher 0.82 E VS1 VG VG GIA US$2,715.00 View
Asscher 1.01 I SI1 VG EX VG GIA US$3,017.00 View
Asscher 0.86 E VVS2 EX VG GIA US$3,249.00 View
Asscher 1.08 J SI1 VG VG GIA US$3,500.00 View
Asscher 1.01 H VVS2 VG VG VG GIA US$3,548.00 View
Asscher 1.02 H VS1 VG G GIA US$3,582.00 View
Results: 1 - 20 of 72