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Emerald 1.00 J VS1 VG GD GD GIA US$2,611.00 View
Emerald 1.28 J SI2 VG VG VG GIA US$3,195.00 View
Emerald 4.00 J VS1 VG VG VG GIA US$42,977.00 View
Emerald 2.13 J VS1 VG VG VG GIA US$10,451.00 View
Emerald 3.18 J VVS2 VG VG GIA US$25,922.00 View
Emerald 0.70 J SI1 VG VG VG   US$1,156.00 View
Emerald 3.88 J IF VG EX GIA US$40,555.00 View
Emerald 1.22 J VS2 VG VG GIA US$3,410.00 View
Emerald 0.92 J VVS1 EX VG GIA US$2,601.00 View
Emerald 0.96 J VVS2 G VG GIA US$2,642.00 View
Emerald 5.02 J VS1 EX VG GIA US$62,682.00 View
Emerald 1.03 J SI2 G G GIA US$2,076.00 View
Emerald 5.20 I VVS1 VG G GIA US$99,999.00 View
Emerald 3.04 I VVS2 EX EX GIA US$34,788.00 View
Emerald 0.73 I SI1 VG VG VG   US$1,515.00 View
Emerald 3.01 I VVS2 VG G VG GIA US$35,901.00 View
Emerald 0.45 I VVS2 VG VG VG   US$645.00 View
Emerald 4.39 I VS2 VG VG VG GIA US$51,235.00 View
Emerald 4.39 I VS2 VG VG VG GIA US$50,579.00 View
Emerald 1.06 I VS2 VG VG VG   US$2,759.00 View
Results: 1 - 20 of 239
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