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Learn more about kabbalah symbols and gemstones. Kabbalah jewelry is believed to bring good luck, success and wisdom. According to Kabbalah tradition one can bring upon himself positive characteristic change when wearing the appropriate symbols and gemstones.

There are various combinations or letters and words that represent different virtues of positive human characteristics. The most common are as follows:

protection against the evil eye - For protection against the evil eye and bad spirits
- For prosperity
healing and good health - For healing and good health
unconditional love - For unconditional love
intimacy and companionship - For intimacy and companionship
fertility - For fertility
self-image - Self-image

Israel-Diamonds.com offers a variety of common letter combinations plus an opportunity to contact us to create your own.

Kabbalah believe natural gemstones bring positive energies to the bearer. Each gemstone is thought to bring a unique spiritual quality which can improve ones day to day life. Adding a genuine gemstone to your jewelry is also an additional feature. The meaning which represents each gemstone is as follows:

The following are the most common gemstones along with their virtues they can bring

Citrine Citrine - Provides economic success and prosperity. It increases self-confidence and ones survival drive.
Amethyst Amethyst - One of the stones in the biblical breastplates. It brings patience and peace to oneself. Also, thought to relieve fear and grief.
Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline - Helps control anger, hatred, envy and insecurities. It is known to protect from the evil-eye and other bad energies.
Carnelian Carnelian - Brings happiness and promotes fertility. It opens the mind and clears ones thoughts for easy decision making.
Labradorite Labradorite - Increases inner peace, confidences and tranquility. It helps in finding love and alleviates stress.
Moonstone Moonstone - Provides balance and sharpens the senses. Helps with depression and eases despair.
Rose Quarts Rose Quarts - Helps avoid envy and shows us how to forgive and to not hold a grudge. Known as the love stone and provides vitality.
Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz - The gemstone can open ones inner ability and makes one more assertive. It can help in the realization of one's self and logical thinking.
Aquamarine Aquamarine - Improves communication skills and increases bravery. Known to sharpen mental abilities.