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12870 Marquise 1.01 D IF G GD GD HRD US$9,459.00 View
31547 Marquise 1.02 D SI1 VG VG G GIA US$4,848.00 View
34757 Marquise 1.01 D VS2 VG VG VG GIA US$5,274.00 View
36975 Marquise 0.70 D VS1 VG VG VG GIA US$2,385.00 View
38036 Marquise 0.71 D VS2 VG G VG GIA US$2,624.00 View
45734 Marquise 1.02 D VVS1 VG VG GD GIA US$7,737.00 View
50637 Marquise 0.90 D VS2 VG VG VG GIA US$4,997.00 View
50760 Marquise 1.51 D SI2 VG VG GD GIA US$8,671.00 View
51080 Marquise 2.60 D VS1 VG VG GD GIA US$44,412.00 View
51104 Marquise 1.19 D SI1 VG VG VG GIA US$4,989.00 View
51205 Marquise 2.02 D VVS2 VG VG VG GIA US$38,220.00 View
58552 Marquise 0.50 D SI2 G G G GIA US$914.00 View
59470 Marquise 1.00 D VS2 VG VG G GIA US$5,350.00 View
60970 Marquise 0.80 D VS2 VG VG G GIA US$2,835.00 View
62181 Marquise 0.74 D SI1 VG VG G GIA US$2,331.00 View
62301 Marquise 0.50 D VVS2 G G G GIA US$1,334.00 View
79777 Marquise 0.74 D VVS2 EX EX VG GIA US$2,908.00 View
85500 Marquise 1.08 D SI1 VG VG G GIA US$5,141.00 View
85742 Marquise 1.20 D VS2 EX EX VG GIA US$7,827.00 View
89120 Marquise 1.71 D IF VG VG VG GIA US$24,142.00 View
Results: 1 - 20 of 76