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No two diamonds are exactly alike. So, how is it that jewelers are able to create multi-stone designs that deliver the stunning appearance of uniformity? Whether the finished piece is a dazzling tennis bracelet, multi-stone diamond engagement ring, earrings or something else, it expertise in selecting calibrated diamonds guides the process.
Calibrated Diamonds

The distinct differences displayed in loose diamonds are generally not evident to the naked eye. This enables jewelers the ability to select diamonds that appear perfectly matched for use in settings. From two diamonds perfectly paired for diamond stud earrings to orders for hundreds of small diamonds expertly selected based on their similarities for use in an elaborate mounting, jewelers take a number of characteristics into account when selecting calibrated diamonds:

  • Measurements – When matching diamonds for use in multi-stone settings, measurement plays a critical role. Calibrated diamonds must appear equal to the naked eye. Slight carat weight deviations are possible, but the diamonds must appear uniform, making millimeter size a point of consideration.
  • Color – Color characteristics are also vital when selecting matching diamonds. Since diamonds form naturally in a variety of hues, it is important for calibrated diamonds to match in this often very noticeable characteristic. Colorless or near colorless diamonds, for example, cannot be paired with those displaying a yellow or brown tint if a uniform presentation is desired in the final setting.
  • Clarity – This important diamond characteristic addresses internal inclusions and external blemishes an individual diamond displays under 10X magnification. Calibrated diamonds are also selected with this important characteristic taken into account to ensure overall uniformity in quality.
  • Shape – Jewelers also select calibrated diamonds based upon this very important appearance factor. Round cut diamonds are paired or matched with other round cut diamonds, for example. In settings where multiple shapes might be used, diamonds might be matched according to color and quality factors.

Our Calibrated Diamonds

At Israel-Diamonds our jewelers are also experts in selecting calibrated diamonds for any setting. Their expertise extends, as well, to selecting calibrated gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

When uniformity matters in a multi-stone setting, our customers can count on us to deliver perfectly matched calibrated diamonds. If you’re looking for calibrated diamonds for a custom piece of fine jewelry, we invite you to browse our extensive selection. We offer calibrated diamonds in a variety of shapes, including round-cut, princess and trillion. Our master jewelers are also standing by to help you create a one-of-a-kind custom design using matching diamonds from our collection.