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Just like fingerprints or delicate snowflakes, every diamond is a unique beauty that has no identical match in the entire world. The differences, often subtle and sometimes only visible on the microscopic level, are among the many brilliant features that have made diamonds such highly sought after treasures throughout history.

Considering the uniqueness of every stone, finding “matching” diamond pairs for multi-stone settings, such as engagement rings and earrings, requires an expert eye. To ensure the most symmetrical appearance, the master jewelers at Israel Diamonds carefully examine similar stones to find only those pairs that stand up to scrutiny from the naked eye. While a microscope will detect the intricate differences that set each diamond apart as unique, expertly selected pairs present visually as perfect matches.

While diamonds may be created in a wide variety of eye-catching shapes, some are more popular than others, especially when matching pairs are required for distinct settings. Here are some of the most highly prized shapes for settings that call for matching pairs:

Matching Round Diamond Pair

The classic round diamond shape is a favorite for earrings, rings and other multi-stone settings where pairing matter.

Matching Princess Cut Diamond Pair

With its distinct square appearance, the princess shape creates a brilliant presentation in a variety of designs that require matching pairs.

Matching Emerald Cut Diamond Pair

This classic shape for an emerald plays beautifully in diamonds, as well. The shape is eye-catching in multi-stone diamond rings and other settings.

Matching Asscher Cut Diamond Pair

This truly distinct shape appears square, but its diagonal corners make pairs stand out brilliantly in multi-stone settings.

Matching Marquise Diamond Pair

With its tapered ends, the marquise is simply stunning all on its own but these stones truly shine when matching pairs are required.

Matching Oval Diamond Pair

This distinct presentation works beautifully in earrings and other designs where matching pairs are a must. This shape works beautifully for flanking stones in diamond engagement rings, for example.

Matching Radiant Cut Diamond Pair

Similar to princess and emerald cut diamonds, this shape has a square appearance. Closer inspection, however, reveals blocked corners and clean lines that catch the eye.

Matching Pear Shape Diamond Pair

This tear drop shaped diamond stuns in earring designs and looks spectacular in other multi-stone settings. A single pair, for example, may be used by the jeweler to represent a heart.

Matching Heart Shape Diamond Pair

This sweetheart shape is often favored for earrings, but looks beautiful in other settings that call for pairs, as well.

Matching Trapezoid Diamond Pair

This triangle shape with a squared off top lends itself to a variety of distinct settings.

Matching Trillion Diamond Pair

A true triangle, trillion shapes dazzle in a variety of designs.

Matching Half-moon Diamond Pair

This shape, as its name suggests, creates half a circle. The shape works beautifully in a variety of multi-stone designs.

Matching Baguette Diamond Pair

Matching Taper Baguette Diamond Pair

While matching pairs are commonly used in earrings and three-stone settings where symmetry in the flanking stones is a must, the possibilities for designs are nearly endless. Jewelers also use matching pairs to help create elaborate settings. Two half-moons, for example, and a princess cut can create the illusion of a heart. Two pears come together brilliantly to make a heart, as well.

The master jewelers at Israel Diamonds are also masters at finding the perfect fit for matching pairs. Extensive experience in finding just the right matches for all manner of settings has made the Israel Diamonds team one of the world’s leading diamond pair suppliers. Whether you’re looking for a brilliantly matched pair of ready-made diamond earrings or want to create our own diamond engagement ring in a setting that calls for matched diamond pairs, you can count on our experts to find the ideal stones to create the illusion of matched perfection.