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How to Design Your Favorite Jewelry
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Struggling to find a unique piece of jewelry that truly reflects the individual personality of your special someone? Or that perfectly commemorates a special occasion or anniversary? You may want to consider creating your own piece of customized jewelry. Your unique individual design will represent your unique style and celebrate the momentous occasion, while signifying the importance of the bond with your partner through a meaningful and beautiful custom jewelry piece.

The benefits of customized jewelry

A customized jewelry piece is a beautiful way to mark a special occasion, such as an engagement, wedding anniversary or birthday, as it can reflect your partner’s individual style and personality, while reflect the unique bond of your relationship together. For this reason, you want to give your partner a custom jewelry piece that they will always love for the way it looks, how it feels to wear, and most importantly, the message of love behind the gift.

When you create a customized jewelry piece, you can take into account your partner’s preferences in relation to colors, style and size, and you have the flexibility to create your own ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace for the big day.

1. Visualize and Sketch:

The first step to designing any piece of jewelry, is to establish how you want it to look. What type of jewelry do you want – a ring, earrings, a necklace or a bracelet? Work out all the intricate details, such as the size and shape of the piece, and what style you prefer for the overall design. Ask a friend or family member to help you brainstorm ideas and help sketch the details, so you can work out exactly what you want.

2. The Details:

Next comes the fun part! Choose from the wide range of diamonds and gemstones available through Israel-Diamonds for the right color and cut to bring out the best in your design. You also need to choose the right metal for your individual taste, whether you prefer platinum, gold or sterling silver. Have fun exploring all the different options before making your final choice. Look at the latest gemstone trends – emerald rings are extremely popular now – or consider an all-time classic such as a diamond solitaire for earrings engagement rings and wedding bands.

3. The Wait:

Quality custom jewelry involves both time and labor, so once you pass your sketch to the jeweler, you will need to allow a few weeks to a month to receive the finished product.

Despite the challenges, custom jewelry pieces are generally destined to become treasured heirloom pieces that become part of your family’s history. If you plan to have custom jewelry made, visit israel-diamonds.com, where you can buy gemstones or buy diamonds online, to create your piece of art which will be passed down through the generations along with the story around its creation.
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