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4 Myths About Diamonds
4 myths about diamonds
Diamond engagement rings have always been the obvious choice for couples across the world. Diamonds are also the root of several interesting myths. Some of the most common ones include:

Myth #1: A groom may have to spend two to three months of his salary

Diamonds are a huge financial investment for a majority of us. But the belief that a man should spend two or three months of his salary to buy a diamond engagement ring is a fallacy that was propagated as a part of an advertising campaign started by De Beers. The truth is, you can buy a ring that fits your budget, thanks to online platforms like Israel Diamonds.

Myth #2: Diamonds are not worthy of investment

First and foremost, not everyone buying a diamond looks at it as an investment. To a groom proposing his love, a diamond stands for eternal love. But for those who do purchase diamonds as an investment, they can often hold more value than a lot of other traded commodities in the world. In fact, diamond values have increased by over 10 to 14 percent in the last fifty years. Quality diamonds have always been a good investment. Just be sure to buy one from a reputable source.

Myth #3: All diamonds are blood diamonds

Diamonds were once mined only in African countries where the mining was strictly controlled by rogue regimes that used the money to fund terrorism in these countries. But the Kimberly Process has now made it very difficult for these diamonds to be sold in the open market. In fact, not more than 1% loose diamonds sold worldwide today are conflict diamonds. Besides, diamonds are now mined in several countries outside the African continent, including in Canada, Russia, Australia, and India.

Myth #4: Buying diamonds online isn’t wise

Whether you decide to buy diamonds online or choose one from a retailer, look for quality and consumer protection. Things like 30 day return policy, free shipping, free professional appraisal, and quality guarantee are more important than price concerns when buying diamonds. Examine deals closely – if they’re too good to be true, they probably are!

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